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The good news is you don’t need a lot of clothes, just the right clothes.


Embellishing the basic column of black in every woman's closet is my passion.  The upper portion of a woman's body is the first to be noticed and, in my eyes, the most important.  The simple addition of a ruffled scarf, hand-beaded velvet wrap, taffeta blouse or a pleated-collar wool jacket can transform a look and light-up a face. 


My collection of luxurious wraps, scarves, blouses, vests and jackets frame the face with elegant style – and compliment both curvy and lithe silhouettes.  I adore the finer things in life.  Wearing one of my garments is meant to be a luxurious experience.  Feel your best wrapped in finesse, elegance and refinement.


Versatility is essential.  My designs transition from day to night and weekday to weekend.  Seasonless, timeless and ageless.  Superb for travel, a simple change of jacket or scarf against a simple palette can fashion a fashionista.


My immersion in the world of design, from being a couture runway model to studying fashion in Los Angeles as well as on the streets of New York and Paris, culminated in my desire to create signature pieces to enhance individual style. I seek the most beautiful fabrics from worldwide fashion houses. Cashmeres, silks and wools rich in color and design inspire my collection.  Another influence is the aesthetics of my Beverly Hills Atelier.  Architecturally significant, surrounded by soothing hillside views and filled with natural light, the studio atmosphere fosters my finest work.  I love to hear my clientele revel in touring my studio boutique where they discover specialty pieces that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

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