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"A woman's face should be framed like fine art," says Dori, of The Dori Collection, designer of luxurious wraps, scarves, blouses, vests and jackets.


Dori was born into fashion, traveling as a young woman to New York couture shows with her mother, a fashion editor.  Becoming a successful runway and fit model for designers in New York and Los Angeles, she then pursued her passion by studying the art of fashion, clothing construction and mastering the techniques of the industry at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.  Dori's education continued with travels to New York and Paris to examine fine fabrics, seek out couturiers and soak up fashion in the streets.


These rich experiences culminated in Dori’s desire to create a feminine and elegant frame to a woman's face and neckline. Dori combined her expert artisanship with the finest fabrics to launch The Dori Collection in 2005. The result is a stunning collection of elegant, graceful and detailed pieces made with cashmere, silk and other deluxe fabrics that focus on a woman's most important feature, her face.  With both form-fitting and relaxed styles, there are options to enhance all body types.


"I'm passionate about designing distinct, versatile and timeless creations that can be worn by women of all ages – from carpool to cocktails,” Dori explains.  Often the very same piece appeals to very different women for very different occasions.  Wear a signature design to a black-tie event and pair the same top with jeans and a rock concert.  Most of Dori's garments are Limited Edition, with less than ten produced.


Dori’s studio has become known as the place to go in Beverly Hills for modern, chic and trend-setting designs of exceptional style, cache and quality. 

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